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Hello and thank you for considering river trip insurance for your Rogue River adventure. Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures number one priority is making sure you have a fantastic experience on the Rogue, and that your vacation is perfect from start to finish.

However, with travel and vacations, things can occur that you can’t control. From the simplest issues at work that won’t let you leave or a forest fire, unforeseen events can interrupt your plans when you least expect it. Because we are a seasonal business and only operate in the spring, summer, and fall months we rely on all our guests being able to come on our trips and have a wonderful time. Unfortunately, a number of guests are unable to come on their trip due to illness, family emergency or, in the case of the 2013 season, forest fire and government shut-down.

As a company, we weathered the storm of the fires and shutdowns, but we barely made it.  At the start of our 2014 season, we started recommending that our guests purchase river trip insurance to protect their investment. We are unable to refund guests inside of the 90 days cancellation window from launch. If you are unable to make your trip no refunds or credits will be issued. Likewise, if a forest fire hits the region again in the future, a credit for a future trip will be your only option unless you have trip insurance.

We took it upon ourselves to research trip insurance on behalf of our clients and have chosen to offer Travel Insured International Insurance to our guests. We found them to have the best coverage and pricing for the type of trips we operate. They are family focused and offer great pricing for families with kids. By clicking the link below you’ll be able to see the types of insurance we chose and get a quote to protect your investment.

Of course, you can choose insurance from AAA or any other company of your choice. We wanted to make sure our guests got the best insurance at affordable prices and are very happy with what we were able to accomplish with Travel Insured. In particular, our favorite feature is for parents who buy travel insurance for themselves because the kids then get it for free if they are under 17 years old.

If you have any questions about your river trip insurance or pricing a quote please don’t hesitate to call or email us. The link below will direct you to purchasing and researching insurance on your own. Thank you for understanding the importance of this kind of protection.

TRIP INSURANCEProvided by Travel Insured International Insurance

Thank you,
Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures

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