Have you heard the news? Two great river companies have come together: Rogue Wilderness Adventures and Rogue River Raft Trips' parent company, Morrison's Rogue River Lodge, have become ONE company! For more than 43 years, RWA has been the leader in rafting, hiking, and fishing on the... Read more

Chris Santella on the Rogue River

Writer Chris Santella recently took a trip with Rogue Wilderness Adventures.  Chris's story was published in the San Jose Mercury... Read more

Sunset Travel Awards

Rogue Wilderness Adventures has been awarded as a finalist in the first ever 2015 Sunset Best In The West contest. Announced last week, four companies made it to the final round and Rogue Wilderness Adventures made the list. We're excited about this additional recognition... Read more

Sunset Magazine 'Be Here Now' mention in June 2014 edition.  "The Rogue is digital detox. It's one of the few places left where your cell phone doesn't work.  You disappear into the experience of the river." -Brad Niva, Owner,... Read more

Capital One Small Business Proud

I AM SMALL BUSINESS PROUD - What is that? It sounds like a cheesy tag line developed for a credit card company or something. Well, you're actually right. Two weeks ago I was approached by a marketing team out of New York to work on a project highlighting small businesses around the... Read more

Northwest Travel Magazine

Northwest Travel Magazine - "River guides have a special blend of skills. They must be knowledgeable, patient, hardworking and personable, all the while tiptoeing the line between professional and fun-loving. They somehow manage to flawlessly perform... Read more

Travel Oregon

Travel Oregon - Southern Oregon doesn't just have a Shakespeare festival, Crater Lake and world-class whitewater rafting. It has all three, plus historic Jacksonville, the Oregon Caves, sunny Gold Beach and more! To get going, go to  Read more

Outside Magazine 50 Great

Outside Magazine - 'GREAT FAMILY ADVENTURES: ROGUE WILDERNESS ADVENTURES WHITEWATER RAFTING TRIP' Yes, we know: The family vacation is a much-parodied event, and perhaps rightfully so. But fumbles, foibles, and hassles aside, families keep taking them for the same good... Read more

Southern Oregon Magazine

Southern Oregon Magazine - Congratulations to Rogue Wilderness Adventures for being voted Best Rafting Outfitter and Best Fishing Guide in Southern Oregon by the readers of Southern Oregon Magazine----sweeping two catagories in our Best of Southern Oregon survey! 5th... Read more

1859 Magazine

1859 - 1859's braintrust, the Maxes and the Johnsons, packed up their kids and headed south for a rafting trip on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River. A gallery of their trip, as well as some additional photos by excellent photographer Jason Mitchell and outdoorsman  Read more

Alaska Air Magazine Cover

Alaska Airlines - They selected Rogue Wilderness Adventures for the cover of this month's in-flight magazine. Great article on visiting Southern Oregon and rafting the Roguewith Rogue Wilderness Adventures. Read More:  Read more

AFAR Magazine

AFAR Magazine - Hut to Hut Hiking trips in the July/August issue. Oregon's Rogue Wilderness Adventures Hiking Trip was the only North American trip featured.  Read more


Zymurgy - The Journal of the American Homebrewers Association highlighted Rogue Wilderness Adventures Hoplicious Hiking and Micro Brew Trip. "Hikers will explore the Rogue River Trail by foot while being shadowed by a raft (in case tired feet win out and travelers want... Read more

LA Times

LA Times & Chicago Tribune - The LA Times and Chicago Tribune highlighted Rogue Wilderness Adventures Raft Supported HikingTrips. "Happy Hiking - The four-day "Raft Supported Wilderness Lodge Trip" from Rogue Wilderness Adventures affords the perks of a good hike... Read more

Northwest Palate

Northwest Palate - Rogue Wilderness Adventures was featured in the latest edition of Northwest Palate.  Writer Kris Wetherbee explores Jacksonville's culinary, musical and outdoor adventures. "Soon we approach the series of Class II and Class III rapids, just  Read more

Outside Magazine

Outside Magazine - "If your idea of an ideal float involves low cost, high refreshment, and Oregon's lush landscapes, have we got a trip for you. On Rogue Wilderness Adventures' Paddles and Pints trip, 18 guests spend three days rafting the Rogue's Class IV rapids and two... Read more

Sunset Magazine

Sunset Magazine - "Where to go for a real (cell phone-free) escape. 226 miles from Portland... Oregon's Rogue River Rogue Wilderness Adventures offers multiday trips down the river (with class IV rapids in some areas), including a three day paddle that combines the best... Read more

National Geographic Adventure

National Geographic Adventure - The Wild Bunch. Imagine 166 national parks you've never heard of. The Wild and Scenic River system protects our most spectacular waterways—and makes for some ripping raft trips. The king of them all? Oregon's Rogue River. Text by Kevin... Read more

USA Today

USA Today - Rogue Wilderness Adventures' hiking trips were recently featured in USAToday. "People want to feel like they're getting out of the hubbub. But they don't want to sleep in a tent and eat freeze-dried food.  On this trip, you can bring the kitchen sink —... Read more

National Geographic Adventure

National Geographic Adventure - Rogue Wilderness Adventures has made National Geographic Adventure Magazines' "Best Adventure Companies on Earth" ranking. WIth full service rafting, hiking and fishing trips on the Rogue River, Rogue Wilderness Adventures provides "trips... Read more

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