Do you have a Wild and Scenic Rogue River trip planned and need gear and a shuttle? We have it here! We are located at Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures at 325 Galice Rd. in beautiful downtown Merlin, Oregon, USA. We offer a complete inventory of equipment rentals for your private river trip. You will find everything you need from rafts to camp gear. Why hassle with transporting rafts and large amounts of cumbersome equipment over long distances to do a river trip? Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures is located on the road to the Rogue River put-in! We’ll even deliver the gear to your put-in site. Our complete line of Rogue River equipment rentals includes: rafts, inflatable kayaks, life jackets, dry bags, wet suits, helmets, throw bags, coolers, chairs, tables, groovers, and so much more. Our fleet of Rocky Mountain Rafts and our packages are designed specifically for multiple day trips on the Rogue River. Below you will find a complete list of available Rogue River equipment rentals and prices. As soon as you secure your private river trip permit just give us a call at 800.336.1647 to reserve your rental package. Equipment shuttles are available to take your rental package and equipment to and from the river. In addition, we offer shuttle service to transport your vehicles to Foster Bar.

Rogue River Raft, Kayak & Camp Equipment Rentals

Rocky Mountain Raft Rental on the Rogue River

Downriver 14 FT. Oar Boat

Deluxe Package

Wild & Scenic Section
3 Day: $126.00 per day
4 Day: $112.00 per day
5 Day: $98.00 per day
6 Day: $91.00 per day

  • 14 FT. Rocky Mountain Self Bailing Oar Raft
  • Carries 4 People plus Gear
  • 1 – Custom Oar Frame with 2 Dry Boxes
  • 1 – 96 Quart Cooler
  • 3 – 9 FT. Sawyer Oars
  • 3 – Oar Locks
  • 4 – Dry Bags
  • 1 – Barrel Pump
  • 1 – Patch Kit
  • 1 – Baggage Board
  • 1 – Throw Rope (65+ feet)
  • 15 – Cam Straps
  • Add the Transportation Option: $40.00 put in fee at Almeda or Grave Creek. $250.00 take out at Foster Bar (up to 3 boats and 13 people) and back to Merlin. Car shuttle available too.


For more info, please call 1.800.336.1647

Vanguard IK Rental on Rogue

Downriver Solo Kayak (IK)

Wild & Scenic Section
3 Day Min.: $40.00 per day
4 Day: $35.00 per day
5 Day: $30.00 per day

  • 9 FT. Vanguard Solo Inflatable Kayak
  • Self-bailing, stiff, responsive performance
  • Holds 1 Person
  • 1 – Paddle
  • 1 – Life Jacket
  • 3 Day Minimum Rental
  • Add the Transportation Option: $40.00 put in fee at Almeda or Grave Creek. $250.00 take out at Foster Bar (up to 3 boats and 13 people) and back to Merlin. Car shuttle available too.


For more info, please call 1.800.336.1647

River & Camping Equipment RentalsMorrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures offers a variety of river and camping equipment for your multi-day Rogue River adventure. A 3 day minimum rental is required.
The Ultimate Kitchen Box
Bring Our Ultimate Kitchen Box

When you go on a river trip, do you end up raiding the kitchen? Do some of those things end up going home in someone else’s cooler? If you answered, “yes” to these questions consider using the services of Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures rental department!

Our rental department offers several options. We rent a kitchen box complete with all these items listed below plus plates, bowls, hot cups, and flatware for your trip. If your party is in need of a stove and fire pan (fire restrictions permitting) you can find all those items on this page. 

Shuttle Services

Equipment Shuttles: To have rental or personal equipment delivered to or from the river.

Wild Section Gear Drop Offs (at Almeda or Grave Creek): $40.00
Foster Bar: $250.00 (up to 3 Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures rented boats plus gear and up to 13 people)

Car Shuttles
To have your vehicle delivered to a takeout location: Your car will be stored in a locked parking lot until delivery on requested day. Foster Bar Shuttles – If you have multiple cars to shuttle, there is a $10 discount per car on four or more cars. We also offer free parking for your car if you are not having it shuttled.  If you want your car shuttled from your launch to our office it is an additional $35.
Hog Creek, Indian Mary, Ennis, or Galice: $35.00
Almeda or Grave Creek: $40.00
Foster Bar/Agness (Bear Camp Road): $115.00
Foster Bar/Agness (Eden Valley Road) Early Season Conditions when Bear Camp is closed: $150.00
Foster Bar/Agness (Coastal Route) Early Season Conditions when Bear Camp and Eden Valley are closed: $210.00

If you have any questions about Rogue River Equipment Rentals or Shuttles, please feel free to call our office: 1-800-336-1647.


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