When you’re involved in a Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness adventure, many come expecting the rapids to be the highlight. Some guests are surprised by our engaging guides, the freedom that comes from being unplugged, or the natural Oregon beauty. Rarely do people leave without noting the food exceeded their expectations. Please enter the domain of the riverside kitchen to get an idea of Morrison’s Rogue Wildernesses food!

What to Expect

Lunch on the Rogue RiverDay trip lunches consist of a deli-style build-your-own sandwich bar with a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, and spreads. Fresh local produce, fruit, salads, and deserts complete the meal. As always, we provide cold water and juice. We suggest you bring a refillable water bottle since proper hydration is key to the pleasure and safety of your trip.

Evening wine floats enjoy lighter fare with their river experience. Expect fresh mozzarella, tomato slices, fresh basil, salami, and bread. We serve pasta salad, and offer a tasty treat of strawberries, sour cream, and brown sugar for a surprising finish.

Multi-day lodge trips have the benefit of a different lunch each day. Offerings include a Chinese chicken salad, Tex-Mex style burrito bar, Greek pasta salad, salami, hummus and cheeses, or a fabulous bagel bar. All lunches include fresh produce, fruit, desert, and drinks. Consider bringing your beverage of choice. In addition we provide light appetizers

Grilling on the Rogue River

at many of the lodges. Please note alcohol may not be consumed while in the boats, and for the safety of everyone on the trip we do not condone inebriation.

Multi-day camping trips get the added bonus of cooking featuring our magnificent guides. Many a guest marvels at the delights our creative folks whip up with Dutch ovens. Some dinners include fresh-made lasagna, sizzling fajitas, or surf-n-turf. You can expect grilled fresh vegetables, a creative green salad, and surprising deserts every night. Breakfasts boast variety similar to that offered in our other meals.

How to Make It Your Own

Baking on the Rogue RiverIn your pre-trip paperwork you’ll notice we ask a number of questions. One area is of particular concern to the kitchen staff who assemble the ingredients for each and every trip. Since there are no markets along the river it is essential you identify and notify Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness of any food issues you may have. Every effort is made to accommodate medically necessitated food matters. Please understand there is a chance of cross-contamination with regard to severe food allergies. When this is a concern, help us help you by speaking directly to the kitchen coordinator prior to your trip. In some cases it may be suggested you bring your own foods.

When noting a food allergy, more detail is better! In one case we had a guest who is allergic to pepper. Our menu planner made a simple change by eliminating bell peppers from the ingredients sent. We did not, however, consider pepper in this case to be black pepper. Unfortunately we let this guest down because care was not taken to eliminate black pepper. Please note if you require a vegan, gluten-free, or kosher diet.

Local Commodities

Salads on the Rogue RiverSince Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures is a 100% Oregon company, we benefit ourselves and our community by showcasing local products whenever we can. A number of our seasonal vegetables are locally grown using organic methods by a CSA called Promiseland Farms. We enjoy supporting local farmers and using CSAs to provide us with vegetables and fruits that can grow in our southern Oregon climate.

We’ve discovered a local company that makes delicious finishing salts. You may find some on your multi-day trips. I encourage you to try them, then check out

Whenever we serve wines we exclusively use Oregon wines from the Rogue Valley, the Applegate Valley, and the Willamette Valley. . If you didn’t know already, the Southern Oregon region is producing remarkable wines. Please enjoy responsibly.

Our coffee is artisan roasted in Grants Pass by Rogue Coffee Roasters. They have been generous enough to create a blend of beans specific to our requests. Be confident in knowing you’re being served the best local fair trade coffee we know of.

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