A BRIEF HISTORY TO SET THE SCENE: People started to be drawn into the area in the mid 1800’s for a lure of told stories about gold and pelts in the area. The Native Americans who inhabited the land were friendly at first to fur trappers in the area, until a feud started when fur... Read more

Johnny Partner, the Loo, the Dunny, the Office, the Can, the Biffy, the Head, the Comfort Station, the Lavvy, the Privy, and the eThunder Box    Read more

Morrison's Lodge

The first time Lloyd Morrison saw the land upon which he would eventually build Morrison’s Lodge he knew it was special. Uniquely situated on a peaceful bend of the famous Rogue River, Morrison’s has been hosting anglers, couples, families, and other adventure seekers for more than 70 years.... Read more

We made it! Summer camping season is coming to a close and fall hike and fish season is right around the corner.... Read more

Spring has sprung, and we are gearing up for another fun filled season on the beautiful Rogue River! We are proud to announce our upcoming award in the June issue of Sunset Magazine for ‘Best of the West- Gourmet Camping’, soon followed by a feature in the July Sunset Magazine issue on our... Read more

Rogue River Rafting

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on the raft, so you can have a leg up on your fellow rafters. 1. How deep is the river? A more complicated question than it seems! The river is not measured in depth, but instead in volume. The depth is... Read more

Rogue River Guide

The stories your river guide doesn't want you to know. By Taylor Buchanan - River Manager and Raft Guide at Rogue Wilderness Adventures 1. There is not a rangefinder for the depth of the river on the end of your guides paddle. One of the most frequently asked... Read more

Packing for a Rafting Trip

Things to consider when packing for a rafting trip. Insiders advice, tips, and tricks. Whether I am heading out for one night or twenty into a river wilderness canyon, there are some things I’ve learned to bring that tend to always come in handy when packing for a rafting... Read more

Rogue River Trips

Great question! Rogue Wilderness Adventures (RWA) offers a large range of amazing Rogue River Trips and when you schedule your trip, it depends on what you’re thinking about doing. Rafting, hiking, and fishing all have different times of year that they shine, so we put together a... Read more

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