Rogue River Lodge Trips, Camping Trips, or a Combination of the Two?  

Camping Trips

Camping on the Rogue River is an experience everyone should try at least once. With good weather, camping allows a true outdoor river experience. Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness guides set up camp and take care of everything for you so that you have time to explore and relax. All of our rafting camping trips include camping gear which includes a sleeping bag with liner, air mattress, and tent. For an extra $200 per couple, a deluxe set up is available that includes a stand-up tent, cot, sleeping bag, and pillow.

After rafting between eight and ten miles a day your guide will bring you ashore where our supply boat has already arrived and set up camp. Most of the campsites on the Rogue River have numerous tent sites and you can choose where you want to set up camp. If you need help with a tent or placement of your tent, your guide will be happy to help. Many campers prefer to sleep out under the stars. However, you are more than welcome to use your tent.

Camping on the Rogue River

Often in the afternoons when you arrive and get settled in camp, you will have some time to explore, sleep, read, fish or play a few games. Your guides are often getting settled too. They will start preparing appetizers and dinner. If we are camping on the right side of the river you will have access to the historic Rogue River Trail. Ask your guide for highlights on the trail and which direction you should go. It is also wise to check in with your guide and let them know you’re leaving camp and when you’ll be back.

Camping Bathrooms: By law, we are required to carry a portable toilet with us on the trip in the Rogue River Canyon. We usually set it up in a private area that has a wonderful view. We also carry a tent to put it in for more privacy. Your guides will make you aware of the toilet rules when in camp. The Rogue River Canyon has 13 toilets that are maintained by the Bureau of Land Management and US Forest Service. We try to camp near these toilets. Sometimes you will have to walk a couple of minutes to the toilet.

We think our meals in camp are the best served on the Rogue River. Our guides pride themselves on their culinary skills and produce some amazing meals. One unique cooking tool on river trips is a “dutch oven”. We cook cakes, lasagna, brownies, cobbler and a variety of other meals using this cooking technique. Guests are more than impressed to see what our guides cook. Camping menu consists of homemade Lasagna, Fajitas, Rogue River Salmon and Flat Iron Steaks. Breakfasts are eggs, bacon, French toast, yogurt, granola and lots of coffee.

Many are curious about the camping trips and wonder “where do we take a shower?” Because you are on a river trip, you’ll be getting a shower every day from whitewater. All of our trips include a lot of swimming and feel that is the best way to stay clean.

Rogue River Lodge Trips

There are five river lodges in the Rogue River canyon. These lodges are privately owned and operated. They work under a special permit with the government and supply a service to rafters, hikers and anglers. The lodges are rustic and comfortable, but not a Four Seasons hotel. The rooms and facilities are clean and warm. Linens and towels are provided for you in your rooms. Most bed options in the lodges are two single beds and a bathroom/shower in a private cabin. All meals are served family style in the dining room.

Paradise Rogue River Lodge

The lodges are off the grid for electricity so all power is based on diesel generators. Each night the generator will be shut off and cabins will not have power during the night. Please bring a flashlight to use the bathroom at night. Hairdryers, TVs, DVD players are not allowed at the lodges. There is no phone service at the lodges, including cell phones.

Meals at the lodges are hearty and plentiful. The lodge staff cooks a variety of menu items, including spareribs, barbecued chicken, au gratin potatoes and fresh biscuits. Breakfast consists of eggs, hash browns and pancakes.

Lodges on the Rogue River

The historic lodges are a unique feature of the Rogue River Canyon and there is no other river like it in the world. There is a premium that you pay to use these lodges and that reflects the price increase in our trip prices. There are no roads into the lodges, so river or air is how most supplies get into the river canyon.

How do you choose which trip is best for you?

If you want to experience both options, then consider our camp lodge combo. Camp one or two nights and have your final night at Paradise Lodge. It is a wonderful trip that offers the camping experience but gives you a great last night at the nicest lodge in the canyon.


Lodge Descriptions and Locations

Black Bar Lodge is the first lodge in the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River. At river mile 10, Black Bar is night number one on our lodge trips. Owned by John and Vanessa James, Black Bar features log cabins and a beautiful setting in the middle of the wilderness. With the capacity to hold up to 30 guests, a night at Black Bar is a welcome stop for many river users. Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness uses Black Bar lodge as our first night on hiking, rafting and fishing trips.

Marial Lodge is the second lodge in the Rogue River Canyon. Located strategically at river mile 24 Marial Lodge is a popular stopping point before running Mule Creek Canyon and Blossom Bar. Owned by Pat and Lori Cameron, Marial Lodge offers great hospitality and wonderful home cooked meals. The Cameron’s have the reputation of welcoming you into their family for the evening and truly showing you what Rogue River hospitality is all about. Cozy cabins set in the forest are specific to the Marial experience. Rogue Wilderness uses Marial Lodge for Hiking and Fishing seasons.

Paradise Lodge is our third Rogue River lodge in the canyon. At river mile 27, Paradise is right below the infamous rapid known as Blossom Bar. The largest lodge in the canyon offers a beautiful setting deep in the Rogue Canyon. Steep canyon walls and a ranch like setting make Paradise a favorite with all guests. Rich in history and comfortable rooms, Paradise will leave you wanting to come back for years to come. Owned by John and Cathy Schleining, Paradise should be a visit for all river guests, even if you’re not staying there. Rogue Wilderness uses Paradise Lodge for Hiking and Rafting seasons.

Lucas Lodge is our only lodge on the “grid” on the Rogue River. Based in the historic town of Agness, Oregon, Lucas Lodge welcomes our weary anglers coming out of the upper canyon with a great dinner and wonderful hospitality. Popular for their homemade meals of fried chicken, pot roast or tri-tip you will leave here very full. Lucas is our last lodge on fishing trips and we motor away from the lodge and head to Q-Creek.

If you would like additional information about Rogue River Lodge or Camping Trips, please call Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures: 1-800-336-1647.


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