Nugget History

Quick History of the “The Nugget”

When the Gold Ray Dam on the Rogue River was removed in 2010 a whole new section of river opened up. The Rogue now flows from Lost Creek Dam to the Pacific Ocean with not a single man-made obstacle standing in the way. As a result, the newly restored ecosystem in this unique watershed now boasts twists, turns, and drops that bring joy to rafters and fish alike.
The Rogue River flows 215 miles westward spawning from Crater Lake in the Cascade Range all the way to the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach, Oregon. The Rogue River flows through the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, where the are rock formations uplifted from the Earth’s mantle, rich history from Indian tribes that lived their, and early miners and fur trappers that settled there. The Rogue River though famous for its whitewater, also offers a natural history, biology, geology, and ecology lesson. Our guides are knowledgeable, and are educators of the river. Come enjoy some fantastic whitewater on the forever famous Rogue River.
There is an abundance of birds such as Osprey, Herons, King Fishers, Eagles, and so many more who inhabit the Rogue River. You might even see salmon and steelhead swimming, jumping, and struggling to make it up and over Nugget and Powerhouse Falls. There are otters, black bears, beavers, and deer all along the river corridor, that if you are quite enough you might be able to sneak up on. The “Nugget” trip on the Rogue is a great way to spend a hot day on the river with a mix of relaxing floating and some added whitewater excitement.

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