Merger! Rogue Wilderness Adventures Joins Forces with Morrison's Lodge and Rogue River Raft Trips

Have you heard the news? Two great river companies have come together: Rogue Wilderness Adventures and Rogue River Raft Trips’ parent company, Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge, have become ONE company!

For more than 43 years, RWA has been the leader in rafting, hiking, and fishing on the Rogue. You may be familiar with RWA’s creative trips which have been featured in Sunset Magazine, USA Today, and the New York Times. All multi-day Rogue Wilderness Adventure trips will now be launching from Morrison’s Lodge (8500 Galice Rd., Merlin OR 97532 – map). All half day and full day trips will launch from our downtown Merlin address (325 Galice Road, Merlin OR 97532 – map)

Morrison’s Lodge has been welcoming guests to the Rogue River for 70-years. We are best known for our exquisite views, delicious dining, and Northwest hospitality on the famous Rogue River. All river activities will now be managed by Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures.

We’d love to have you join us this year. You can help us celebrate our 70th anniversary! You’ll find all our trips have been specially priced to make it easier than ever for you and your loved ones to start making memories on the Rogue!

So, don’t let the names confuse you: Rogue River Raft Trips, Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures, and Morrison’s Lodge are all ONE company… which just makes us THAT MUCH BETTER at treating you to the adventure of a lifetime!

Learn about our many trip options here.

Visit our other websites at: and for full listings of our lodging and river activities.

Getting Wild on the Rogue River

Writer Chris Santella recently took a trip with Rogue Wilderness Adventures.  Chris’s story was published in the San Jose Mercury News.

“Standing on the banks of the Rogue River, Rogue Wilderness Adventures owner Brad Niva gave our rafting group a safety briefing on things to do and things to avoid, a reminder to stay hydrated and an advisory: “There’s absolutely no cell service in the canyon, so you may as well turn your phones off now.” My girls, Cassidy and Annabel, had been forewarned but still looked mildly dejected. 

They might not admit it, but I’m pretty sure their media-deprived state was forgotten by the second rapid.”

Check out the entire story here: San Jose Mercury News Story

Sunset Travel Awards

Rogue Wilderness Adventures has been awarded as a finalist in the first ever 2015 Sunset Best In The West contest. Announced last week, four companies made it to the final round and Rogue Wilderness Adventures made the list. We’re excited about this additional recognition and so happy to be featured again in Sunset. We do have another article coming in the July issue highlighting our Wine Adventure trips: Wiking and Wafting.

Sunset, founded by the Southern Pacific Railroad to promote travel in the West, introduced the Sunset Travel Awards to honor excellence and innovation in the tourism industry across the 13 Western states, British Columbia, and Alberta. The awards recognize achievement in lodging, dining, cultural tourism, outdoor adventure, environmental stewardship, and other categories.

Sunset Magazine

Sunset Travel Awards

Sunset Travel Awards


Rogue Wilderness: Small Business Proud

I AM SMALL BUSINESS PROUD – What is that? It sounds like a cheesy tag line developed for a credit card company or something. Well, you’re actually right. Two weeks ago I was approached by a marketing team out of New York to work on a project highlighting small businesses around the country.

The format is for two documentary filmmakers to do a road trip across the country and document the small business owners they meet in their travels. At first I was apprehensive when they approached me, but quickly through some phone calls and emails it seemed like a pretty legit project.

This year has been a real eye opening experience for me in regards to recognizing the importance of small businesses in our country and our daily lives. I really didn’t pay much attention to where I shop or who I gave my money to. When I think back I’ve always favored the smaller mom and pop establishments compared to the big box mentality. However, now that I am a small business owner I have a much deeper appreciation for where dollars go and how that keeps our local economy moving forward.

Back in January, I was accepted to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Initiative program at Babson College in Boston, MA. How I was accepted I’ll never know, but I basically was given a scholarship to go back to school and figure out how to run a successful company. I came out of the program absolutely blown away by what I learned and the amazing other business owners I got to meet during this three month experience. If anything I’ve become an evangelist for small business.

So when Capital One Spark Card approached me a few weeks ago to work on the “I am small business proud” project, I was already drinking the Kool Aid and wanted to get involved. I had a great time working with the film makers and I think they captured my sentiment well. Of course when you watch yourself on film it’s always a little distracting by what I say, but overall I’m really happy with the outcome. I hope to work more with this group and some upcoming features focusing on small businesses in our country.

Please watch the video and let me know your thoughts on being small business proud.

All the best, Brad Niva- Contagious Entrepreneur

Northwest Travel Magazine - Rafting 101 Feature

Northwest Travel Magazine  “River guides have a special blend of skills. They must be knowledgeable, patient, hardworking and personable, all the while tiptoeing the line between professional and fun-loving. They somehow manage to flawlessly perform a delicately choreographed ballet down the river for four days: sending crew members ahead to scout for meal and camp locations, setting up, cooking and packing up—all in Northwest Travel Magazineaddition to guiding our rafts, monitoring the kayakers, sharing the history of the area and giving us a rundown on the flora and fauna.” – Adam Sawyer, Rafting 101 – Navigating Northwest Rivers

Read More: Northwest Travel Magazine

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