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Morrison's Lodge on the Rogue River

The first time Lloyd Morrison saw the land upon which he would eventually build Morrison’s Lodge he knew it was special. Uniquely situated on a peaceful bend of the famous Rogue River, Morrison’s has been hosting anglers, couples, families, and other adventure seekers for more than 70 years. The secluded property feels miles from everywhere but is truly only a 20-minute drive from civilization.
Enjoy the comforts of home in your lodge room, cabin, or private “tuck-away” accommodations. Kitchenettes and full kitchens are available. Or, indulge in the 4-course dinner Morrison’s is known for. Then go for a stroll along 5-acres of riverfront lawn, kick back by the fireplace in the great rooms, or make friends in the bar.
All ages will enjoy a multitude of activities on the Morrison’s grounds. Indulge your athletic side in the outdoor pool, or on the tennis, basketball, and volleyball courts. Maybe, try your luck at Frisbee golf or horseshoes. Bicycles are also available. With so many options Morrison’s is an ideal spot for family reunions, conferences, and other events. Ask us about our special packages.
For additional information, please call (800) 826-1963 or visit: Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge.



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Merger! Rogue Wilderness Adventures Joins Forces with Morrison's Lodge and Rogue River Raft Trips

Have you heard the news? Two great river companies have come together: Rogue Wilderness Adventures and Rogue River Raft Trips’ parent company, Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge, have become ONE company!

For more than 43 years, RWA has been the leader in rafting, hiking, and fishing on the Rogue. You may be familiar with RWA’s creative trips which have been featured in Sunset Magazine, USA Today, and the New York Times. All multi-day Rogue Wilderness Adventure trips will now be launching from Morrison’s Lodge (8500 Galice Rd., Merlin OR 97532 – map). All half day and full day trips will launch from our downtown Merlin address (325 Galice Road, Merlin OR 97532 – map)

Morrison’s Lodge has been welcoming guests to the Rogue River for 70-years. We are best known for our exquisite views, delicious dining, and Northwest hospitality on the famous Rogue River. All river activities will now be managed by Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures.

We’d love to have you join us this year. You can help us celebrate our 70th anniversary! You’ll find all our trips have been specially priced to make it easier than ever for you and your loved ones to start making memories on the Rogue!

So, don’t let the names confuse you: Rogue River Raft Trips, Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures, and Morrison’s Lodge are all ONE company… which just makes us THAT MUCH BETTER at treating you to the adventure of a lifetime!

Learn about our many trip options here.

Visit our other websites at: and for full listings of our lodging and river activities.

Rogue River Adventures: Fall 2015

We made it! Summer camping season is coming to a close and fall hike and fish season is right around the corner. Two weeks ago we started seeing the first flitter of the Chinook Salmon’s tail at Grave Creek boat launch, and a brief moment of cool fall air blew up the canyon as we launched one of our last camping trips. Fall is coming soon, and with it a whole new set of fun adventures in the Rogue River canyon.

Many people are asking about smoke in our area due to the dry conditions and nearby fires. We have been lucky most days with only light smoke, sometimes getting denser for a few hours in the hot afternoons. The canyon has been hazy, but not altogether smoked in. All in all, we’re considering ourselves quite lucky this year having avoided not only fire, but also dense long lasting smoke.

Another frequent question is our water situation. Although we are indeed in a drought, we are lucky enough here on the Rogue River to have a reservoir upstream that started full at the beginning of our summer. The water was then portioned out to last this summer season and into October, with fish habitat being the top priority. As we are now well into the fall salmon run, we are enjoying higher than average flows for this time of year- which has been a treat for fish and thrill seeking rafters alike.

The temperatures have started cooling down, and the nights are coming sooner, making conditions perfect to start hike season. This season we will be hosting 12 hiking trips, 2 being our famous ‘Wiking’ trips featuring the best of Southern Oregon’s award winning wines. The lodges are ready to serve delicious dinners, offer hot showers, and provide a relaxing place to rest your head after a long day’s hike. Also, the trail is looking great with no major changes or updates since our spring hike season.

Fishing season has been a big hit this year! With our expert team of guides and hungry fish swarming up the river, this season is set to be the best fishing season RWA has seen. The fall Chinook numbers are above normal and the numbers of half pounders are 57% higher than the 10 year average! RWA offers 3 and 4 day trips down the wild and scenic stretch stopping at several lodges including Black Bar, Paradise, and Lucas Lodge.

So far this has been RWAs biggest and best season yet. We’re so thankful for our new friends and great memories. We can’t wait to get into the beauty and cooler temperatures of the fall- we hope you can join us!

UPDATE: Great news! Due to the changing weather patterns and a shift in the winds, the smoke and haze have completely cleared out of the canyon. Blue skies and fresh air are here again!



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Getting Wild on the Rogue River

Writer Chris Santella recently took a trip with Rogue Wilderness Adventures.  Chris’s story was published in the San Jose Mercury News.

“Standing on the banks of the Rogue River, Rogue Wilderness Adventures owner Brad Niva gave our rafting group a safety briefing on things to do and things to avoid, a reminder to stay hydrated and an advisory: “There’s absolutely no cell service in the canyon, so you may as well turn your phones off now.” My girls, Cassidy and Annabel, had been forewarned but still looked mildly dejected. 

They might not admit it, but I’m pretty sure their media-deprived state was forgotten by the second rapid.”

Check out the entire story here: San Jose Mercury News Story

Sunset Travel Awards

Rogue Wilderness Adventures has been awarded as a finalist in the first ever 2015 Sunset Best In The West contest. Announced last week, four companies made it to the final round and Rogue Wilderness Adventures made the list. We’re excited about this additional recognition and so happy to be featured again in Sunset. We do have another article coming in the July issue highlighting our Wine Adventure trips: Wiking and Wafting.

Sunset, founded by the Southern Pacific Railroad to promote travel in the West, introduced the Sunset Travel Awards to honor excellence and innovation in the tourism industry across the 13 Western states, British Columbia, and Alberta. The awards recognize achievement in lodging, dining, cultural tourism, outdoor adventure, environmental stewardship, and other categories.

Sunset Magazine

Sunset Travel Awards

Sunset Travel Awards


Welcome to the Rogue River 2015 Season!

Spring has sprung, and we are gearing up for another fun filled season on the beautiful Rogue River! We are proud to announce our upcoming award in the June issue of Sunset Magazine for ‘Best of the West- Gourmet Camping’, soon followed by a feature in the July Sunset Magazine issue on our award winning ‘Wiking’ (Wine hiking) and ‘Wafting’ (Wine rafting) trips.

In hiking news, we recently got back from our trail scouting trip, and things are looking great for a successful, exciting hike support season. The volunteers at Northwest Youth Corps have done a great job of maintaining and clearing the trail for us this season. Right now, the trail is a lush spring green covered in blooming Iris and spring wildflowers. The creeks are flowing and waterfalls are booming virtually every half mile down the trail.

New to the river this year, a recent high water event which brought new campsites and beaches throughout the Wild and Scenic section. It’s been fun to see the new spin on our old classic beaches. Most notably, Jenny Creek and Lower Horseshoe have gotten a bit of a facelift, and now have high, flat, beautiful beaches to camp on, relax, and enjoy.

We recently received some great news concerning the water flows in the Rogue this season as well. Because of the rain events in February and March of this year, the reservoir upstream of us is full! We are going to be one of the few lucky rivers in this region that will maintain a steady flow all summer to keep fish healthy and rafters happy. For those of you river junkies out there, here are the projected flows for our season:

May 11-20: 2,000 cfs
May 21-32: 2,300 cfs
June 1-20: 2,500 cfs
June 21-30: 2,300 cfs
July 1-10: 1,650 cfs
July 10- Aug 10: 1,400 cfs
Aug 11-20: 1,800 cfs
Aug. 21-31: 1,750 cfs
Sept 1-10: 1,650 cfs
Sept 11-20: 1,100 cfs
Sept 21-30: 1,000 cfs
Oct. 1-31: inflow

In other news, our guides are starting to come out of hibernation, and are gearing up for a busy, eventful season. We have many returning guides this season, and a few fresh faces from places as far away as Costa Rica and as close as down the road, in Grants Pass. Check out our guide bio section on our website to meet our phenomenal group of guides.

Here at Rogue Wilderness Adventures, a fun filled season is approaching quickly and we can barely contain our excitement to see all of you soon. We encourage you to visit our Trip Advisor site, and see our newest and proudest achievement- the ‘Bravo’ award, for over 250 five star reviews. Come see us this summer and let us show you and your loved ones the time of your life!




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