It’s a New Era of Adventure on the Rogue River! After 43 years of operating on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River as Rogue Wilderness Adventures, Morrison’s Lodge merged the two companies in 2016. This is an exciting merger of two of the top companies on the Rogue River. We are now known as Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures. We look forward to sharing the amazing Rogue River with you year after year. Morrison’s Rogue River Lodge has been in operation since 1964 by the Hanton family and they continue to share an amazing lodging experience at the premiere destination on the Rogue River.

Professional River Guides Our promise to you is we will provide an exciting and unique river adventure in the beautiful Wild and Scenic Rogue River Canyon. Our guides are certified in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. Our hiking, fishing, and rafting trips are designed to give you a thrilling and relaxing experience in the wilderness of Oregon. After a trip with Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures, you will want to visit us year after year for your next adventure on the Rogue River.

There’s a World of Incredible Adventure on the Rogue River in Oregon – You Will Find it with Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures!

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Our Guides

Taylor BuchananTaylor Buchanan – Guide & General Manager
Taylor Buchanan Combs is the General Manager at Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures. She has been a professional river guide for 14 years and has commercially guided on over 15 rivers in 5 different countries. She has also worked as a professional travel guide across the world with various responsibilities such as leading sea kayaking expeditions into Northern Patagonia and guiding zip line and backpacking trips through the jungles of Costa Rica. On the Rogue, in between daily boat wrestling matches and extreme river yoga, you can find Taylor on the side of the river sipping a glass of Sierra Vineyards Rosé. Taylor is proud and excited to call MRWA her home.

russell-heardRussell Heard – Guide
Having spent most of his life around the water and after 8 years in the US Coast Guard, Russell moved to the Rogue Valley in ’95 and eventually started kayaking and rafting the local rivers in 2001. Russell started guiding in 2006 starting with ½ day trips and working up to his ultimate goal of guiding multi-day trips on the Wild and Scenic section of the Lower Rogue. You can often find Russell taking in the river, cooking up some good eats, or playing his guitar. Go ahead and ask him some questions about the local history, he may even remember some of it.
Come meet Russell on the Rogue River! Book your trip now at www.wildrogue.com.

Bob-RafalovichBob Rafalovich – Guide

Bob Rafalovich was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. Though he is old enough to know better, he has still been a raft guide for 43 seasons! Bob is the guy who started Rogue Wilderness Adventures in the early 1970’s and operated it for 32 years. He is a voracious Virgo, who enjoys rafting on the Rogue River. Be it oars or paddles, low water or high water, history or biology, Bob is the knowledgable guide for you. He enjoys the very imaginative game of Cosmic Volleyball on the river, and you will always see him up early for his coffee in the morning. If Bob were stranded on a desert island he would bring a hammock to relax in

Bob, being a seasoned boatmen, is at the top of the food chain. You will find him on numerous lodge trips, camping trips, and fishing trips, and you can guarantee that he will be the first one up. If you cannot find Bob on the water rafting, you might find him in his drift boat guiding fishing trips on the Rogue River. Bob’s life has been about the Rogue River for many decades, the river is dear to his heart, and he is a legend on the Rogue River. If you get Bob in your boat, consider yourself a very lucky person. Come join Captain Bob on the Rogue River.

Gabby-Emerick Gabby Emerick – Guide

Born in Chicago, Gabby Emerick, 24, and has been guiding for 6 years. She likes to raft Class II-V with anyone willing to hop in her boat. She enjoys stuffed banana bread french toast and will bake you up anything you like. She is a Libra, forever seeking balance, and is told her spirit animal is a turtle, though she is a true Siren of the river. Her favorite river game is lounging in the side creeks under the shade of an Alder. She has rafted many rivers such as Arkansas, Grape Creek, Colorado (Gore Canyon), Snake, Payette, and Smith. She forgets many others.

She is a raft guide because she feels that our fresh water systems are most important and she is here to support them just as much as they support her. When she is working on the river, whichever one that may be, her heart is full, her mind is clear, and she feels that she is the luckiest girl in the world. She loves to row if she has less inclined paddlers, and loves to paddle when she has a killer crew! On her off season, her work varies year to year. She has worked as a teacher, a pianist, a waitress, a librarian, a baker, a housekeeper, a bartender, a tiler, and a line cook.
Currently, she is traveling south to work on the Mendoza river in Argentina for the winter. Many do not know that Gabby is excellent with a melon baller, and her popularity in high school was never fully realized. While in the shower she sings, “Everybody Wants to Be a Cat,” or “The Guide Hide,” when she is staying at any of the beautiful Rogue River lodges. She is bad at admitting that she is bad at things! If she had only one day left to live, she would spend it in a submarine, cruising around the depths of the ocean, meeting the unique and freaky creatures there. Also, if she were stranded on an island she would bring her friends (and they’ll bring the beverages). Lastly, Gabby always votes for a stacked deli sandwich. Sin carne para mi! Come join Gabby on an adventure of a lifetime!

Haley-HobackHaley Hoback – Guide

Grants Pass local and socialite, Haley Hoback, 21, has been guiding for 6 seasons now. She currently goes to school at Western Oregon University and is a busy body. She was very active in her high school, involved in many clubs, and knew everyone. She enjoys spending her days on the river where she meets new people along the way. The river calls to Haley and seems that she is grasped to her sounds, beauty, and fun. She has dedicated her heart and soul to the Rogue River and doesn’t see herself going anywhere else. Haley associates herself a sun- drenched mermaid libra, though her spirit animal is a river otter that enjoys laying out in the sun. She thrives for adventure and would get on a plane just to go anywhere. Her favorite river game is capture the flag, or dangerously jousting with oars and paddles. Her claim to fame is not only swallowing a goldfish hole, but she also is a hula hoop maniac. She enjoys the challenge of class V boating and likes an oar rig with a paddle assist. She spends most of her time with kids and family adventures with everyone. Come find Haley on the Rogue River.

JordyJordy – Guide
Jordy Eskigitis, 20 years old, was born in Grants Pass. He has been guiding for 5 seasons and currently goes to school for Forestry Management. On his off time you will find Jordy riding dirt bikes, and making some great coffee at Dutch Bros. He was the Captain for his high school football team, and was a socialite all around Grants Pass. His hidden talent is bowling, watch out when he is in the groove because he often bowls turkeys! Jordy is a raft guide because meeting new people while spending days on the riving and sleeping under the stars is the best job he could ask for. You want Jordy on your team for his favorite river game, capture the flag. He enjoys oar rigs all day long, but also enjoys having paddlers in his boat. When you see Jordy, you often see him with a turkey sandwich in his hand at lunch, or pancakes at breakfast. If Jordy was stranded on an island he would bring (the adventure expert) Bear Grylls so he could conquer every situation.

Kara Spaulding – Guide
Kara Spaulding, 30, from Truckee California has guided many jobs in many states. This awesome and amazing Scorpio has been guiding for 11 years now, and in her off season, she is a well-seasoned veteran at Dog Sledding. She enjoys being a musher in the beautiful snowy mountains of Colorado and Idaho. Her dogs mean the world to her, and you can often catch her reminiscing about her off season. Kara’s spirit animal she is told is the Honey Badger, but she wishes she was something like an otter or a salmon… However, she is probably more like a pike minnow. Kara is bad at really any household chore, be it sewing, or laundry, but you will still find her in the kitchen cooking up a storm!

Kara has rafted on a lot of rivers. Being that it is a long list, the ones that she has worked on are the American, Arkansas, Clear Creek, and the Rogue River. Depending on the river, some deserve the oars and some deserve the paddle, either way, she enjoys them both. She truly loves rafting solid class IV, but she sees the beauty in all rivers. Kara has many hidden talents, and they shine when she sings her own songs in the shower and accompanies her beautiful singing with her guitar. Kara has a drive for adventure, which prompts her to say “yes” to many things. For example, she has eaten dried crickets, and she says they were actually pretty good with salsa! Kara, a clever-minded woman, says if she were stranded on an island she would bring an airplane so she could leave. This is so she can continue doing the activities that keep her going, and living each day like it is her last. She loves rafting, playing music, and spending time with people she loves. Come find Kara on the Rogue River.

Patrick-BrennanPatrick Brennan – Guide
Patrick is 21 from Columbus, Ohio. His spirit animal is a golden retriever, and he feels he can relate to one on and off the water! He doesn’t sing in the shower, but he belts out to any song in the car. He is a Sagittarius, and thinks that waffles are the superior of the breakfast cakes! If he was stranded on an island he would bring a bag of volleyballs so he would never run out of “Wilson’s”.

Kait Bailey – Guide

Kait Bailey, a friendly born and raised Oregonian, has been rafting for 10 years now. She enjoys time spent on the river, but also enjoys surfing at the Ocean, dos sledding in winter months, and fly fishing whenever she gets a chance. She gets too excited about jokes and often tells the punch-line before the joke is finished. She also likes to keep it simple, she lives out of her camper for months out of the year but hopes to be settled into some property in the near future. She enjoys spreading her stoke for rafting, and showing people the beauty of the outdoors. The river is where Kait feels most at peace and alive, so you will often find her there. She has a degree in Outdoor Environmental Education , so she often geeks out about the local history, flora and fauna, and geology of the area. She has rafted the Grand Canyon, Desolation Canyon, Arkansas River , Rio Grande , Salmon River , and many others. She is humble and appreciative if where she is at in her life. She loves teaching people about the river, and hopes that one day person by person she touches someone to feel the love of nature as well.

Aharon Hook – Guide

Aharon Hook, another Grants Pass local in our guide family, is 20 years old and has been rafting with Morrison’s Rogue Wilderness Adventures for 3 years now. He is currently in college working hard, but in high school he was a pretty big deal. He is famous for his jokes exploiting the fact that there are words that sound alike but have different meanings… No pun intended! In the shower he sings Michael Jackson’s Pretty Young Thing or P.Y.T. and has dance moves to go along with it! Aharon is a goofy and outgoing guy who believes that nothing is better than being on the mighty Rogue River all day. His river animal he relates to is a Black Bear, but his astrological animal is a Sea-Goat. Aharon is a funny and outgoing guide, who enjoys showing everyone the river.

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